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· Chicken bone less [cut into square shape] 1/2kg
· Curd 1/2cup
· Garlic paste 1 tsp
· Red chili heaped 1tsp
· Al l spices 1 tsp
· Yellow color 1 pinch
· Lemon juice 1 tbsp
· Vinegar 1 tbsp
· Onion 1 paste
· Oil or ghee ½ cup
Cut chicken pieces in shape marinate with the above masala. Keep for ½ hour. Heat the oil and put the chicken pieces in a handi [earthenware cooking pot] along with the masala. Let it cook in its own marinade until meat is tender and turn the heat off while some gravy remains .Now kindle a piece of charcoal on fire and place it on a piece of bread, and put it in the handi…….pour 1 tbsp of oil on it and immediately cover the lid on handi .after 10 minutes serve it with hot nan and chutney.