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Undercut Pasinda 1/2 Kg
Chilly Powder 1 Tsp
Green Chillies Grinded 1 Tsp
Papita 1 Tsp
Ginger / Garlic 1 Tsp
Zeera 1 Tsp
All Spice Powder 1/2 Tsp
Pinch Of Haldi
Salt 1 Tsp
Oil 2-3 Tbsp
Wheat Flour 1 Cup
Salt 1 Tsp
Maida 2 Cups

For Chutney
Imly Juice 1 Cup
chilly Powder 1 Tsp
Zeera 1 Tsp
Roasted- garlic 1 Tsp
Salt to taste

For Filling
onion sliced
Podina leaves

Marinate beef with all the ingredients and leave for few hours.
Heat oil and add beef. Stir and add about 1 cup water in it to get tender. When done give dam of coal.
Sift flours with salt knead it well and apply little ghee on top and leave it covered for a while.
Then make small roti's and shallow fry like paratha's. In parathas put few pieces of in centre, slices of onion, spoonful of chutney and poodina then roll.
Afterwards reroll along with butter paper.
Serve hot.