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SOY beans, soy milk, tofu and SOY PRODUCTS all the rage these days. Its virtues as an alternate source of healthy food have been extolled by health food specialists and fitness fanatics. So much so now it is very much a part of the diet of a health conscious family. However soy products have been a part of the standard diet in CHINA, JAPAN, INDONESIA, and other countries for centuries. In these countries it is known from personal experience that SOY products can play an important role in disease prevention. Soy by itself is not a magic food. It is an example of a healthy food that when combined with a healthy diet, can have a positive effect on health. SOY BEANS contains minerals, including iron and if the processing method is correct, CALCIUM.
Scientists agree that foods rich in SOY are heart healthy. The soy beans may small in size, but science is confirming that it packs a huge punch when it comes.