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225 grams almonds

568 ml milk

225 grams sugar

150 ml water

225 grams ghee

3-4 silver leaves (varak) optional.


1. Soak the almonds in the water overnight. They should be puffed up and double in size the next day. Skin the almonds and place them in a blender or food processor.

2. Grind them to a smooth paste on a low speed, adding the milk gradually. Do not grind the almonds first on their own and then add the milk as too much of the almond oil will get lost.

3. In a heavy based pan dissolve the sugar in the water, boil it rapidly for about 10 minutes to half its quantity.

4. Add the ground almond paste and stirring very frequently, simmer the mixture for 11/4 hours until it thickens. At no stage should it be allowed to stick to the bottom and scorch, as that will ruin the taste.

5. In another pan, melt the ghee. Slowly pour a little ghee into the almond paste and stirring continuously, see that it is absorbed completely into the paste.

6.Within a few minutes the paste will start releasing the ghee. As soon as that happens, pour in a little more ghee and once again stirring continuously, see that the has been absorbed. Repeat this process until all the ghee has been used up and the rich almond paste is glossy.

7.Transfer the paste to a pie tin and spread it out into a thickness of no more than 1.5cm.

8. Leave it to cool down. As soon as it begins to set, cut it into squares or diamonds and leave it to cool completely for several hours or overnight.

9.Decorate with silver leaf or halved almonds it wished.

10.Lift off the pieces with a spatula and arrange on a serving dish.