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  • Milk 1/2 kg

  • fresh creme (from dairy) 1 1/2 cup

  • crushed mangoes 1 cup

  • eggs 2

  • vanilla essence 3-4 drops

  • yellow food colour 1 pinch

  • corn flour 2 tbsp

  • sugar 8 tbsp


  1. Seperate egg white and keep a side(First we use egg yolk).

  2. Dissolve corn flour in 6 tbsp water.

  3. Heatthe milk in a pan on low flame add egg yolk ,sugar, and dissolved corn flour.

  4. Stir continously till it become in a form of custard,remove it from heat, add food colour and leave it to cool.

  5. Whisk egg white,add it in custard and mix well.now beat fresh creme very well.

  6. Add fresh creme and mangoes in custard beat well.

  7. Keep it in freezer for 5 hours.

  8. After 5 hours again beat it very well,and keep freeze.Do this procedure three times .

  9. After third time it will be ready to eat.