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Diet is the major factor which one should keep in mind and should take the essential nutrients in the diet. Before taking any diet, one should set the goals whether they want to diet for improving health or they want to diet for losing weight.

These goals make one determine to take the right amount of diet. The goal about dieting should be practical – losing weight quickly is not the correct way of dieting as it can result to health risks or one can gain weight more easily.

Before dieting for reducing weight, one should determine the ideal body weight according to the height and then set the goal for dieting.

Dieting Tips
One can follow some dieting tips for reducing weight such as:-
One should take skim milk instead of whole milk.
The person dieting should drink at least 8 cups of water every day as it helps in removing the impurities from the body.
One should exercise 4 times in a week for 20-30 minutes. One can walk on a treadmill, do bicycling or swimming or jump on a rope.
One should avoid sodas as it saves a lot of calories.
One should check the body weight and should take small samples instead of large portions of 1 or 2 foods.
One should keep the cabinets and refrigerator cleaned and should throw away the junk food. One should take green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, dips, whole wheat crackers and granola.
One should find out the ways to move the body. One should walk on the stairs rather than elevator. One should take a walk daily after dinner.
Before begin any diet, one should get a checkup by the doctor as it is the best tool to evaluate the pre-existing conditions of a person. One can ask the doctor about a healthy weight loss program which can best suit their individual needs.
One should not surrender to fad diets as it can lead to various health risks like illness and disease.
One should avoid fast food of restaurants or donut shops.
One should take a diet along with the family members or friend in a group which helps in the motivation of a person who is dieting to reduce weight.
One should not purchase diet pills or prepackaged foods.
One should never skip breakfast.
When one has a desire to eat, then one should be very careful while eating because sometimes food is eaten as a stress reliever or for comfort. One should take a bubble bath, journal writing or reading instead of eating more.
One should eat a slice of pie or cookie once in a day.