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Vegetableoil 1 tbsp
Corn oil1 tsp
Onions 2 , sliced
Black cardamoms 2

Cinamon stick 1

Whole cloves 2

Black pepper corn 4

Ginger paste 1 tbsp

Garlic paste 1 tbsp

Salt 1 1/2 tsp

Tomatoes sliced 2

Boiled chickpeas 14 0z

Basmati rice 13 oz

Chopped fresh corriander 2 tbsp


Wash the rice and soak for 20-30 mins. Drain.

Heat vegetable oil 1 tbsp and corn oil 1 tsp in a saucepan until hot.

Add the onions, black cardamoms, cinamons,cloves and pepper corn and stir fry over high heat for about 2 mins, then add the ginger, garlic paste, salt and sliced tomatoes.

Stir in the drained chickpeas and rice and lower the heat to medium, adding 1 tbsp of fesh corriander

Pour in about 5 cups of water, cover tightly and cook for about 10-15 mins or until all the water has been fully absorbed.

Remove from the heat and leave to stand for about 3 mins.Garnish with the remaining corriander.

Serve hot with raita.